Jen Milliman


Ash Higgins

Wedding Party

Sean Higgins

Best Man

Sean is Ash's older brother by 18 months. They grew up very close in Sun Valley where they spent their days skiing, hunting, and playing soccer together. Sean and Ash are thrilled to both be living in Seattle today. Sean is currently a resident in the emergency room at Harborview Medical Center.

Luke Hagel

Best Man

Luke and Ash met at Whitman College when they rushed the same fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. They have been side-by-side on many adventures and Ash was honored to be the best man at Luke's wedding on Bainbridge 2 years ago. Luke currently lives in Seattle and works for Zulily. 

Les Milliman

Sibling of Honor

Les is Jen's older sibling and Scott's twin. Les lives in Seattle and works for a local artist.

Carrie Aslagson


Carrie and Jen met through Ash when Ash and Carrie worked together. Jen and Carrie became best friends fast and even lived together briefly. Ash, Carrie, and Jen love spending time boating or relaxing on Bainbridge Island together.

Paige Kruse


Paige and Jen met while studying abroad together in Seville, Spain. Although Paige went to rival college Lehigh, 30 minutes from Jen at Lafayette, they became best friends traveling together, including to places like the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, Sun Valley, and Palm Springs

Sophie Revere


Sophie and Jen have been best friends since middle school. In high school, they loved running cross country and hanging out at the Seattle Tennis Club. Sophie and Jen went to different colleges but both joined the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Luckily, after college they both moved back to Seattle!

Helena Victor


Helena and Jen met in 9th grade at Lakeside High School and have been best friends ever since. After college, Jen and Helena both moved back to Seattle and lived together. They both enjoy spending weekends and holidays skiing in Sun Valley. Helena attended Whitman college and now works at Microsoft.

Nick Blanc


Nick and Ash met at Whitman College and were roommates freshmen year. They both rushed and joined Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Ash has loved joining Nick and his family at the Pendleton Rodeo for 12 of the last 15 years. Nick is currently a Lawyer in Pendleton and serves as a Director of the Roundup.

Matthew Duncan


Matt and Ash met at Whitman College and were both in the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. They have had many adventures together including living together in Aspen after college and exploring Colombia and Italy. Matt currently lives in Kauai working as the manager/sommelier of The Beach House restaurant.

Taylor Rothgeb


Taylor and Ash have known each other since before grade school. They both grew up in Sun Valley, skiing in the winter and playing soccer in the summer. They also lived and worked together in Sun Valley right after college. Taylor is currently in Sun Valley working for MOHOC Helmet Cameras.

Ross Cobb


Ross and Jen met during their 1L year at Seattle University and took most of their classes together in the JD/MBA joint degree program. Ash and Ross also quickly bonded over their love for skiing, football, and sushi.

Scott Milliman


Scott is Jen's older sibling and Les's twin. Scott is in nursing school at Seattle University and works at Harborview Medical Center.
Ann Gardner